Codes & Zoning

Codes & Zoning


The Planning Commission consist of five board members.

Members include:

Charles Lisosh

Andrew Shecktor

Betty Grey

William Allison

Marissa Scala



The Zoning Hearing Board hears all appeals of zoning decisions made by the Codes Department.  A Zoning Hearing is an official hearing which includes both attorneys and a court stenographer.  The Berwick Borough Zoning Hearing Board consists of 5 members. 


Members include:

Eugene Golla, Chairman

Annette Brennan, Secretary

Andrew Gromel

Christie Monico



The Codes Appeals Board hears Codes Appeals cases not related to Zoning. A citizen or business has the right to appeal the decision of a Codes Officer to the Codes Appeals Board.  Appeals may be regarding licensing denials, stop-work orders, violations, and a variety of other issues. The Appeals Board hears the case just like a Court would hear the case. The Codes Appeals Board plays a vital role to Codes Enforcement in the Borough of Berwick.


Members include:

James Long

William Allison

Ben Mike

Keith Huntington


Berwick Joint Sewer Authority:

Nelson Learn Term ends 12/31/2025

Donald Kishbaugh Term ends 12/31/2025