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              Letters of Interest Requested:


The Berwick Borough Council is requesting letters of interest from qualified individuals for a Council seat made vacant at its May 2, 2022 meeting. Interested parties must be a qualified elector of the Borough of Berwick to be eligible for consideration.

Borough Council is also requesting letters of interest to serve as a member of the Planning Commission or the Civil Service Commission. Each of these positions also require that an individual be a qualified elector of the Borough of Berwick to be eligible.

All interested parties for any of these openings are encouraged to submit a letter of interest no later than Monday, May 16, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. Letters may be delivered by mail or in person to Berwick City Hall, 1800 North Market Street, Berwick, or via email to dscoblink@berwick-pa.com. Letters must be received by the date and time mentioned above.


Any questions regarding these openings can be directed to Borough Manager Damien Scoblink by calling (570) 752-2723, or via email at dscoblink@berwick-pa.com.