Civil Service Commission


The Commission follows set guidelines for the hiring of Borough Police Officers.
Members Include:
Damien Scoblink
Larry Surkin
Casper Plish Jr.
Kimmie Cook
Robert Lewis


Berwick Borough Committees

The Borough of Berwick Committees meet monthly or as needed in Council Chambers at 1800 N. Market Street.  Committees meet to discuss any issues and projects going on within that specific area.  The Committees have the authority to make suggestions to Council for official action.  Many times, a committee will meet to discuss current processes and ongoing issues within Borough Departments.  In addition, Committees often meet to introduce proposed policies, Resolutions, and Ordinances to the entire Council.  Often times, the Borough Manager and the Department Head sit on each committee of Council. The public is invoted to attend.


Personnel:  1st Monday 4:30pm

Travis Petty & Joanne Huntington

(personnel issues)


Legal & Finance: 1st Monday 5:00pm

  Travis Petty & Andrew Shecktor

 (legal issues including lawsuits, budget committee)

Parks & Recreation:  1st Wednesday 5:00pm

Jay Jarrett & Alvin Hill

(Events: Summer Concerts. Activities: July 4th Festival, Kid's Night, Parades, Celebrations, and Beautification.)

Police:  2nd Wednesday 10:00am

Police Chief Ken Strish, Joanne Huntington & Scott Bower

Fire & Water:  Last Thursday at 7:30PM

Andy Shecktor & Larry Surkin

Emergency Management: 2nd Wednesday 5:00pm

Andrew Shecktor & Jay Jarrett

(Council Members will need to attend the County EMA meetings held and also be available for the municipal EMA drill held once a year)

Codes, Recycling, & Ordinances:  2nd Monday 4:00pm

Scott Bower & Larry Surkin

(Includes being responsible for introducing ALL proposed ordinances of all types)


Department of Public Works: 2nd Tuesday 9:00AM

Joanne Huntington & Larry Surkin


Safety Committee:  1st Wednesday 8:30am

Joanne Huntington & Scott Bower

(Includes Safety of all employees and public, including introducing suggestions and safety policies and procedures.)

Debra Force, Borough Manager - 

Cassandra Mowery - Administration

Jack Kyttle -Public Works

Jordon Hopper - Public Works

Roger Bodwalk – Police

Curt Rider – Codes

And any other Councilmember that would like to be involved


Fire Board:  Last Thursday @ 7:30PM

Jay Jarrett and Larry Surkin